Fr. Prem is obligated to celebrate Mass everyday but in order to follow along with the regulations set forth by the CDC and local authorities he has decided on the following accommodations.


•All weekend Mass schedules will continue as normal, however, only Eucharistic ministers will enter the sanctuary with Fr. Prem. All other parishioners are invited to attend the service in their cars parked outside the church, in which the Eucharist will be delivered to you.


•The readings are available at the following website to read and reflect upon while you wait as the Consecration takes place.

We are also able to offer a missalette if you would like.

•Collections will be taken up as well therefore you are welcome to bring your tithe. You also may go online to San Angelo dioceses webpage you offer your donation online.


We want these essential sacraments to continue to be available so another option is the virtual Mass, rosary and adoration which are celebrated daily on

Father is also taking appointments for confessions.

Please continue to pray as we are in trivial times the following is a quote from Archbishop Gomez, president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (usccb):

"God does not abandon us, he goes with us even now in this time of trial and testing. In this moment, it is important for us to anchor our hearts in the hope that we have in Jesus Christ. Now is the time to intensify our prayers and sacrifices for the love of God and the love of our neighbor. Let us draw closer to one another in our love for him, and rediscover the things that truly matter in our lives."