Reagan County Elementary is proud to announce our May people of the month. In May our focus was on enthusiasm. These students make the classroom a fun place to be for peers and teachers. They show a willingness to try new things and are eager to begin working. They are passionate and have a zest for life.

Francisco Sanchez is the student of the month for pre-k. Francisco is the son of Julio Sanchez and Melisa Murillo. Francisco’s favorite activity in pre-k is counting. He enjoys playing baseball and wants to become a painter when he grows up. Mrs. Goodloe said “Francisco is such a sweet boy to everyone! He is a great student and very well mannered. He is a great listener and is always working hard to do the right thing. I am so proud of how far Francisco has come this year! He has worked hard all year to meet any goals set for him. He always has a positive attitude and never gives up. Francisco went from not talking in the beginning of the year, to participating at the carpet now and expressing his needs. Way to go Francisco. I know you will do great in Kindergarten! I’ve enjoyed having you in my class!”

Braulio Alvarez is the student of the month for kindergarten. Braulio is the son of Pedro and Vanessa Alvarez. Ms. Dominguez stated “Braulio is a responsible, motivated student. He walks in every morning saying “Good morning” to the aides in the hallway and comes into the classroom with a smile that brightens my day. Braulio is caring and very positive with his peers. He takes pride in his work, making sure he always completes his work. Braulio always gives his 100% to all he does.” Braulio’s favorite subject is Social Studies and he truly enjoys spending his free time drawing. Braulio wants to be an archaeologist when he grows up. You are amazing Braulio!

The first grade student of the month is Aidan Buitron. Aidan is the son of David and Nicole Buitron and Chris Hernandez and Vanessa De La Garza. Ms. Nelson said “Aidan has progressed well and is working hard. He always is kind to his friends and teachers.” Science is Aidan’s favorite subject and he enjoys playing sports during his free time. Aidan has not made his mind up for sure, but thinks he may want to be a coach when he grows up. You’re amazing Aidan!

The second grade student of the month is Eduardo Fraga. Eduardo is the son of Evelio Fraga & Cynthia Rodriguez. Mrs. Hernandez said “Eduardo is a student that never gives up. He is very eager to learn new things and tries his very best at all times. He shows leadership in our class with his positive attitude towards learning and his humble personality with his classmates.” Math is Eduardo’s favorite subject and he plans to become a fire fighter when he grows up. Eduardo enjoys spending his free time playing games and riding his bike. Keep shining Eduardo!

Joel Rostro is the student of the month for third grade. Joel is the son of Alfredo Rostro and Polet Vasquez. Mrs. Rees said “This month’s characteristic is enthusiasm and that describes Joel. Joel always shows a willingness to learn and try new things. He loves his peers and teachers. Joel comes with a smile every day and makes those around him smile in return.” All of the third grade teachers are so proud of him! Joel loves to play with his little sister and work with his dad. Joel has a knack for making people laugh. He has such a kind heart! Science is Joel’s favorite subject because he loves learning all the facts about our world! Joel would love to become a mechanic when he grows up. He loves anything dealing with cars and trucks!

The fourth grade student of the month is Haylee Calderon. Haylee is the daughter of Alma Calderon. Ms. Alice stated “Haylee is one of my many willing helpers. She is quiet but attentive. She notices when something needs doing and then she does it. She helps keep me on track with lunch count every day. She is a worker during class and is always willing to go the extra mile in helping in the classroom with a smile on her face. She is studious and fun.” Haylee’s favorite hobby is playing basketball and she enjoys doing art at school when she has the chance. She plans to become a doctor when she grows up. Keep up the great attitude and work Haylee!

Aiden Schrader is the student of the month for fifth grade. Aiden is the son of Michael and Natasha Schrader. Aiden’s teacher Miss Galvan said “Aiden is new to Reagan County! He has adapted well with peers and in the classroom. He always has a positive attitude about everything he does. He loves learning new things!” Aiden loves to play football and wrestle with his brother. He hopes to become an NFL player when he grows up and his favorite subject in fifth grade is Math. Way to go Aiden!

The parents of the month are Roger and Sarah Kalina. They are the parents of kindergartner Hattie and first grader Baines. Sarah and Roger are very involved in their children’s education and are always encouraging them to do their best. Sarah is always ready and willing to help with class parties or any events here at school. Roger and Sarah both took time out of their day and read to classes on Read Across America Day. Sarah has also helped with the Easter egg hunt, book fair, field day, and other events on our campus. We really appreciate all that Sarah and Roger have done. They will do anything to help out the school and make Reagan County ISD great!