The Reagan County ISD Board of Trustees were notified Thursday the district's North rural bus route has been reinstated for next school year.

The board met at noon for a special called meeting to receive bids for a new synthetic field for the football field. (SEE STORY HERE)

Prior to the start of the meeting, Board Members Stephen Dodd and Angel Olvera asked if a discussion of the bus route could happen prior to the board receiving bids for the turf.

Superintendent Bobby Fryar told the board the bus route, which services six students currently, would be in operation for the 2020-21 school year.

The district had signaled their intention to stop running the route next year in a letter to affected parents this month.

The letter notified parents the route, which runs a 70 mile loop North twice a day, would stop on June 1, 2020 and would not be in operation the following school year.

Parents were offered $.25 per mile to transport their own children to school. That payment would have covered round-trip mileage for every day the child was in attendance.

"The route will continue service next school year, and we will not go forward with plans to end it," Fryar said after the board meeting Thursday. "That route will be operational as long as we have the manpower to run it."

Fryar told the Wildcat earlier this week the district was constantly looking to balance their financial responsibility to taxpayers with what is best for the students and parents.

Fryar noted the $.25 per mile payment to parents was considerably less than the cost of operating the bus route as it is currently set up.

After the board was notified Thursday the bus route would continue next year, no more discussion on the matter was had as the group moved on to receive bids on new field turf for the football field.