Reagan County ISD Superintendent Bobby Fryar remains hopeful the district will hold this year’s graduation ceremony just like it has always been done.

“Our ‘Plan A’ is a traditional graduation,” Fryar said. “We hope that by the time graduation comes around all of the restrictions will be removed and we’ll be able to hold our normal graduation.”

Fryar said that no matter how hopeful he is, a ‘Plan B’ needs to be in place.

“We do have an alternate plan in place,” Fryar said. “None of this is ideal, but we will have a virtual graduation if we are not able to hold one traditionally.”

The ‘virtual graduation’ would involve each student having a scheduled time to receive their diploma with limited family in attendance.

“If restrictions are not relaxed by that point, we will have to limit those in attendance for each time slot to 10,” Fryar said. “The student will have scholarships announced and will receive their diploma. The valedictorian and salutatorian will also give their speeches during that time.”

Fryar said the district will record each of the student’s ceremonies, and compile them into one ‘virtual graduation’ video.

“It will likely take us several days to get done,” Fryar said. “Our goal is to honor these students in the best way possible given the circumstances.”

Fryar said the ‘virtual graduation’ plan is still flexible, and he and the district are open to input from the community.

“This is new territory for all of us,” Fryar said. “We are open to any and all suggestions. The more input we receive the better we can provide a program that best suits our community.”

Fryar stressed again he hopes some of the restrictions placed on Texas will be relaxed by the time graduation comes around.

“Ultimately, we hope to hold that traditional graduation,” Fryar said. “All of our construction projects are on schedule to be complete by then. Nothing would please me more than having graduation at the football field as a group.”