If you give a fake name to law enforcement, make sure you don’t have a copy of the Wildcat with your mugshot and true identity in the vehicle with you.

Deanna Kleinertz found that out early Wednesday morning at a border patrol checkpoint near Comstock, Texas.

Kleinertz, who had warrants from the Reagan County Sheriff’s Department for Endangering a Child and a pair of Bond Forfeitures, pulled into the checkpoint around 3 a.m. according to authorities.

A border patrol agent was questioning Kleinertz at the checkpoint when a canine alerted on the rear driver side door of the vehicle.

Kleinertz was moved to a secondary inspection area for further investigation.

At that point, border patrol agents noticed the black pickup was missing a front license plate and had no registration sticker.

Kleinertz was asked for identification, but Kleinertz said her purse had been stolen recently.

She gave agents the name and date of birth for Daisy Faith Hancock.

During the search of the vehicle, a copy of The Big Lake Wildcat was located with a mugshot of Kleinertz along with her real name.

Kleinertz was on the front page of last week’s Wildcat for a methamphetamine arrest, and also in the May 23, 2019 edition for a   drug bust on a local ranch

The name she used, Daisey Hancock, was on the front page last week as well for a separate drug arrest.

Agents confronted Kleinertz about the discrepancy, and she admitted to giving a fictitious name in order to divert being arrested for an active warrant.

Her correct information was ran, and the Reagan County Warrants were confirmed.

The search of the vehicle was negative for narcotics.

Kleinertz was taken into custody by the Val Verde Sheriff’s Office for the Reagan County Warrants.

As with all criminal cases, Kleinertz is considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.