Freida Zuberbueler, 51 of Big Lake, turned herself in at the Reagan County Jail on Friday [October 5, 2018] following an indictment handed down by a Reagan County Grand Jury on September 26, 2018.

Zuberbueler, who was originally arrested for Aggravated Assault causing Serious Bodily Injury on April 26th, is now charged with the Murder of her husband Stephen Zuberbueler. That charge is a 1st Degree Felony.

Reagan County Sheriff Jeff Garner turned the investigation over to Texas Ranger Philip Kemp, at the time, since Stephen was holding onto life at Shannon Medical Center.

Stephen passed away on May 19, 2018 after succumbing to injuries sustained in the April 26th incident.

The indictment lists both the Murder and the original Aggravated Assault charge.

The original assault arrest warrant showed Deputy Nick Hammer responded to a call at 7:04 a.m. on April 26, 2018 at RMH for a family violence call.

Hammer arrived on scene to find Freida’s husband, Stephen Zuberbueler, lying in RMH’s Emergency Room 2. He was reportedly in a vegetative state and not responsive.

Hammer noted large bruising all over his chest and right arm. He also had bruises on both legs by his knees. There was also a large cut on the side of his nose.

Deputy Hammer was informed by hospital staff that Stephen was bleeding in his brain and that was the reason he was unresponsive.

The affidavit states that Freida, who was a biology teacher at Reagan County High School at the time, had informed hospital staff she had hit him at their home, located at 1008 North Georgia Avenue in Big Lake.

In an interview with Freida, Deputy Hammer was told she struck Stephen on his right temple area of his head with her left hand. At that point he started to get a headache and throw up.

The affidavit states Freida said Stephen had been “hitting her chest” emotionally so she physically hit him back.

Mrs. Zuberbueler told Deputy Hammer the other bruising on his body was from a few weeks before and that Stephen was taking blood thinner medicine.

According to the affidavit, Freida told Hammer she knew that one bad incident could kill him and any bleeding might cause his death.
The original assault charge was a 2nd Degree Felony.

Sheriff Garner indicated at the time that the case would most likely be turned over to the Grand Jury if further charges were deemed necessary.

"We view the Grand Jury as the conscience of the community," Garner said. "We did our job. Investigated as much as we felt comfortable before handing it over to the Texas Ranger."

Garner said it was his thought all along that a Grand Jury would ultimately make the final decision on a murder charge.

"The decision they made is what we abide by," Garner said. "We appreciate their work on this deal. None of this has been easy."

Mrs. Zuberbueler was booked into Reagan County Jail after turning herself in on Friday, October 5, 2018. Her bond is set at $75,000.00.

A 1st Degree Felony carries with it a punishment of Five to 99 years in prison and a fine not to exceed $10,000.00.

A 2nd Degree Felony carries with it a punishment of two to 20 years in prison and a fine not to exceed $10,000.00.

As with all criminal cases, Freida Zuberbueler is considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.