Reagan Hospital District received its first positive COVID-19 test result today.

District CEO Jonathon Voelkel said a patient presented to the Hickman Rural Health Clinic on Friday where they were screened for the virus.

They were transferred over to the Emergency Department where the COVID-19 test was administered.

Voelkel said the patient did not require hospitalization.

"They were told to shelter in place," Voelkel said. "Our providers will follow up with them daily to check in on them."

Voelkel said, due to HIPAA, the district is unable to provide extensive information about the patient.

He said the patient did not have Reagan County as their permanent address, and the case may or may not be attributed to Reagan County once investigated by the Texas Department of State Health Services. He also said the district does not know at this point if this is a case of community spread, or if it stems from traveling.

"We just want the community to realize this is a real issue," Voelkel said. "People can not relax. It is vital that we continue to be diligent with hand washing and follow social distancing guidelines."

Voelkel noted that, just because this is the first confirmed case of COVID-19 presented at Reagan Hospital District, does not mean it is the first case here.

(UPDATE 4/27/2020 - The case will be attributed officially to Glasscock County by the Texas Department of State Health Services. CLICK FOR STORY)

"Everyone needs to remember that the testing mechanism we have right now is only 75 percent accurate," Voelkel said. "That means, of the 20 plus we have tested, four to five of those could have been a false negative."

Voelkel said it is important for everyone to listen to their healthcare provider, and follow their guidance.

"If your provider tells you to self quarantine, please self quarantine," Voelkel said. "There is that 25 percent chance that you will get a negative result, but actually be positive."

Voelkel also stressed that social distancing guidelines should be followed by everyone, regardless of how they are feeling.

"You can be asymptomatic with this virus," Voelkel said. "Meaning, you could feel just fine, and be spreading the virus to others."

Voelkel finished up by stressing people should not be alarmed.

"A positive result should not come as a surprise," Voelkel said. "We have been preparing for this, and I feel we are in a good position. People should not be alarmed that we have a positive result locally. They should take it as a reminder on how important all the guidelines are."

Across the State, a total of 24,631 cases of COVID-19 reported by the Texas Department of State Health Services. There have been 648 deaths in Texas with 10,763 people listed as recovered. The State is currently seeing a 9 percent positive result rate on the tests being administered.

Reagan Hospital District has administered 26 tests to date with 24 negative, one positive and one pending.

According to the Tom Green County Health Department, there have been seven negative COVID-19 tests administered on Reagan County residents in Tom Green County to date.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, please contact the Hickman Rural Health Clinic at 325-884-3743.