A new apartment complex, Big Lake Estates, is in the works for Big Lake.

The project, comprised of 112 units, will be located just south of town on State Highway 137.

“Right now all I can really talk about is the scope of the project,” Developer John Patterson said. “It is hard to say when the project will begin construction, or when it will be completed. There are just so many factors.”

The project, which will technically be half in and half out of the city limits, has been in the works behind the scenes for over a year, and is beginning to surface during public meetings for the city, county and hospital.

Gloria Baggett, director of the Big Lake Economic Development Corporation, called for a joint meeting between the BLEDC, City and County this Wednesday, September 24, to discus the project and how each entity can help out.

“Housing is a major need in our community, and projects like this will help tremendously,” Baggett said. “I’m not sure if any of the entities will be able to help, but I do know it doesn’t hurt getting everyone in the same room and on the same page.”