Gary Lentz of the Chevron Corporation delivered a donation of $50,000.00 to Big Lake Mayor Kyle Rockwell and City Secretary Evelyn Ammons Monday to help the City of Big Lake replace and upgrade fire hydrants. Lentz said that he was moved to action in 2012 after two homes burned to the ground in Big Lake near faulty hydrants.

The City of Big Lake received a $50,000.00 donation Monday from the Chevron Corporation.


Chevron’s Gary Lentz was on hand to present the check to Big Lake Mayor Kyle Rockwell and City Secretary Evelyn Ammons.


The money will be used to install new fire hydrants.


"We were moved to action after the pair of house fires on the same day in 2013 that happened near faulty hydrants," Lentz said. "We hope this donation will go a long way toward improving the city’s fire protection."


City Works Director Troy Kuykendall said that he thinks the money will be able to purchase eight new hydrants and valves for the water system.



Quincy D. EdwardsReagan County Care Center will welcome its new Long Term Care Administrator Monday.


Quincy D. Edwards is coming to the facility with a freshly minted Long Term Care Administrator license.


"We are excited about the addition of Mr. Edwards to our administrative team," Pamela Clark, Reagan Hospital District CEO said. "He is young and energetic. We are looking forward to the new ideas he is going to bring to the Care Center family."


Clark said that she is impressed with Edwards because he is in the long term care industry for the right reasons.


The 24-year-old said that he was moved into the field by an experience he had visiting his grandmother at a Louisiana nursing home.


Sergeant Billy Lang with the State Fire Marshal’s Office looks over the charred remains of a home near the corner of 8th Street and Florida Avenue Monday after a fire burned the home to the ground Saturday, July 6, 2013. Lang, who is also a K-9 handler for the State Fire Marshal’s Office, helped collect samples and data from the scene to aid in the investigation into what caused the fire.

The State Fire Marshall Office investigation into a pair of house fires that happened on July 6, 2013 has been closed.


An open records request submitted by the Wildcat on December 10, 2014 was answered by the Texas Department of Insurance with the finalized reports and all supporting documents.


The cause of both the fires was ruled undetermined.



Filing is currently underway for the City of Big Lake City Council and Reagan Hospital District Trustee elections.


Filing runs from January 28 through February 27.


The positions up for election for the City of Big Lake are all At-Large seats.


The three spots are currently held by Deonna Thompson, Phil Pool and Charlie Walker.


There are also three positions up for election in the Hospital trustee election.


Place 2 is currently held by Sharon Campbell, Place 3 is currently held by Anne Schneemann and place 5 is currently held by Robin Russell.