Thomas Thompson III was arrested last Tuesday and charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child or children.

According to Reagan County Sheriff Jeff Garner, Thompson, 51, is accused of sexually abusing a child for four years.

Garner said that there is currently one victim, and that he or she is a family friend of Thompson.

“This is the highest charge my office has ever brought in a case like this,” Sheriff Garner said. “We felt that the evidence was overwhelming enough to move forward with that charge.”

Continuous sexual abuse of a child or children is a first degree felony, and carries with it a minimum of 25 years in prison and a maximum punishment of life.

Mason Matthews, a paramedic for Reagan County’s EMS service, shows RCES Pre-K students the inner workings of the county’s ambulance.

Matthews tried some of the equipment out on students during the tour.

Drake Aguero was strapped onto an lift asist gurney, while Jason Reyes helped demonstrate how the EMS uses a backboard on a patient.

The group also toured the Big Lake Volunteer Fire Department’s fire trucks during their visit.

The Pre-K’s trip to the fire hall is just one part of the elementary campuses Fire Prevention Week.

Reagan County Judge Larry Isom called a meeting last Thursday with leaders from the county, city, hospital, law enforcement and EMS to meet with Jerry Huffman of the Texas Department of Public Safety in regards to Ebola.

Huffman, a district coordinator for the Texas Division of Emergency Management, told the group that the chances of Ebola making its way to Reagan County are slim, but it is never a bad thing to be prepared.

“The biggest challenge we will face are people thinking that they have it,” Huffman said. “The disease can look a lot like the flu at first, so it is important that a set of questions are administered to rule Ebola out.”

Pam Clark, CEO of Reagan Hospital District, said that last week the hospital had a patient come in that thought they had Ebola.

Clark said the patient was asked a series of questions and the hospital was able to rule Ebola out quickly.

The patient in question had no fever, but had thrown up a few times over a 24 hour period. That patient was treated and released.

“It is so important for everyone to get a flu shot if they can,” Clark said. “That one step can help this situation greatly across the country.”

The Reagan County Commissioners met with Joe Carter, managing director of the V.V. Water Company, Monday to discuss his company’s idea to pipe water from Val Verde County, through Reagan County, on to Loving County in far West Texas.

“There is a rich groundwater supply in Val Verde County held in the Edwards-Trinity Aquifer,” Carter said. “We plan on piping some of that water to 13 sparsely populated counties in West Texas.

Reagan County would be the first stop on the pipeline’s route.

“Crockett County has shown no interest in the project,” Carter said. “Our project will bring a pipeline directly next to Big Lake and provide a riser incase this population ever needs it in the future.”

The main driving force behind the project is fracking though.

“The oil industry will be the ones financing the project, but I can assure you that anyone that wants a drink along the way will get a drink,” Carter told the commissioners.