Reagan Hospital District’s trustees turned down the county’s offer Monday night of transfer service coverage in exchange for $130,000.00 per year.

The group also approved sending the county commissioners a letter expressing their interest in beginning face-to-face negotiations on the matter.

The motion, made by trustee Gary Goff, also included a starting point for those negotiations: The hospital district will accept the county’s previous offer to take over full control of the ambulance service.

Goff in his motion said that the letter should say that the hospital district, in exchange for the EMS, will take yearly payments from the county at their current budgeted costs.

“We can provide the tax payers the service they deserve,” Goff said. “We’ll do it first class with no threats of interruption.”




Nina Hallmark always loved reading.

Her mother, Jane Gay, gave her that love at a young age by sharing her own passion for the hobby.

“She is such an avid reader,” Nina said of her mother. “She instilled that in us from very early on, and it is something that we have carried on with our grand kids.”

Her mother, at 81, still shares her love of books each week as she makes deliveries for meals on wheels.

“Some of the people that she delivers to really look forward to seeing her,” Nina said. “They may not be able to get out of the house to go to the library, so she brings them books from her collection. It is such a blessing for them.”

Nina hopes, in her own way, to share the blessing of reading with her community.



Reagan County Commissioner Ron Galloway said that he was “burned up” by last week’s ‘Hospital/County miles apart on transfer service’ article that was on the front page of The Big Lake Wildcat.

“They [hospital board] are just so misinformed,” Galloway said. “Not one of there members even know how the agreement between the hospital and county began. I do. I was the hospital administrator at the time.”

Galloway said that the agreement was first struck in 2001 when he, as hospital administrator, said that any patient at Reagan Memorial Hospital was the responsibility of the hospital.

“We did it to help pull our weight on transfers,” Galloway said.



The Joshua Mitchell Remembrance Trek is this Saturday.

Participants in this year’s event will have two different ways to honor fallen Reagan County Deputy Josh Mitchell.

They can either do the 18 .5 mile trek from 12th Street in Big Lake to the Stiles Cemetery where Deputy Mitchell was laid to rest, or the 5K that will start and end at the same point on 12th Street.

The Trek will begin at 7 a.m.

Participants are welcome to run, jog, walk, bicycle, motorcycle, atv or any combination of the bunch the 18.4 miles to the Stiles Cemetery.