Jackye HavenhillFamily, friends and former Reagan County High School students knew for several months that Jackye Havenhill’s health was declining.

That did not lessen the sadness when they learned of her death in early December, 2014.

Mrs. Havenhill was Reagan County High School’s first librarian when it opened its doors in 1956. She remained the librarian until her retirement in the 1970’s.

She was not just a librarian. She was so much more.

Mrs. Havenhill served as a class sponsor, Annual sponsor, Owls’ Hoot sponsor, Student Council sponsor and supporter of all RCHS activities.

The Class of 1964 hosted a class reunion in San Antonio in May, 2014, for anyone wanting to come and visit.

Recollections during the reunion precipitated a memory book using answers provided by attendees.

Reagan County Middle School was presented with a $15,000 grant Tuesday from Devon Energy’s Science Giants Awards program. Devon Energy Ambassadors were on hand to present the check to Middle School 7th grade science teacher Jack Oliver and Principal David Kohutek. The Devon Science Giants award was presented to Reagan County Middle School to help them create a ground-based weather monitoring and reporting station on campus. Mr. Oliver told the gathered students and faculty that the idea for a weather station came to him when he was checking Big Lake’s weather online. “The closest weather report you can get through any online source is from Ozona,” Mr. Oliver said. “I thought that we could fix this. Once our weather station is functional and certified anyone on the planet will be able to receive up-to-date weather information from Big Lake.” The $15,000 grant was the first place prize for the program. Irion County High School received the second place prize in the program to purchase equipment and materials necessary to create a 3D printing lab. That grant was worth $5,000.

Michael Brick
The Houston Chronicle

BIG LAKE - On the timeworn main street through this small town on the high plains, a new store opened last spring. It has coffee and pastries, plus everything else a roving roustabout could need: game room, Taco Bell, check cashing, laundry machines, portable vacuum cleaners, high-performance scrubbing windshield wipers and an expansive Beer Cave.

“Shower Customer 61, your shower is now ready,” intones a voice of robotic authority. “Please proceed to Shower 6.”
Few places have been more overwhelmed by the petroleum machismo of the past five years than this outpost in the Permian Basin of West Texas, where global energy firms have staked claims on three major shale formations stacked like the pancake breakfast of a subterranean giant.

But as oil prices fall, Big Lake now finds itself at the front of a drilling downturn. Nationally, according to the oil field services firm Baker Hughes, the number of rigs has fallen over the past two months from 1,928 to 1,676, including a decline in Texas from 902 to 766. Here in Reagan County, the count fell from 34 in November to 23 on Friday, one of the sharpest declines in the state. At an average of 100 workers per rig, that amounts to about 1,100 jobs.

Shane Allen Fewell Christopher C. Vallejo Neomie Rodriguez

Three people were arrested Thursday in Sutton County in connection with a burglary at the Delhi RV Park in Big Lake.

Trooper Dustin Henderson, who led the investigation, said that he spotted the trio stranded on the side of IH-10 near Sonora, and pulled over to assist them.

The group was attempting to fill the 1988 Dodge Ram work truck with diesel from a tank in the bed of the truck near mile marker 403.

“I was able to determine that the driver was drunk,” Trooper Henderson said. “He was arrested for that, but did not release the vehicle to his passengers. They were allowed to go free.”

Trooper Henderson said that the driver, Shane Allen Fewell, decided to confess to the burglary while being processed in Sonora.